Thursday, 17 March 2011

Wheels and wings

Today was the day that Miles grew big wheels and and Olga grew heavenly wings.

We also attended a bridge building workshop at the Discovery Museum. Miles enjoyed it and was pleased to know most of the answers having done a very similar workshop not long ago with Hermione. Oh, it's good to get value out of local museum services! I don't want to be unduly pessimistic, but one must question how long things such as museums and museum education services will last in the current climate.....
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Birdie said...

I am new to your blog! :-)

I am guessing Olga was a duck and is not a duck any longer?

Yay on learning to ride a bike! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

a valid question! I'm wondering that too. :/

A. xx

Claire said...

Oh no! It was just how her wings looked in the snshine - she's thankfully still here and very much alive :-)