Thursday 6 November 2008

Dona Nobis Pacem

It’s quite a monumental task I feel - raising the next generation. Yeah, so I may only have two children but that doesn’t make me feel that my efforts are insignificant, far from it. Two candles without which the sun wouldn’t shine so bright. Two drops without which the ocean wouldn’t be so deep.

I often ask myself how can I raise my children to know peace, to be peacemakers, to live peaceably. How can I best equip them to take part in the evolution of a peaceful world?

I don’t have the answers. The answers I do have tend to change, develop and sometimes turn into something else entirely. Living peaceably is one of those things that sounds so easy but can be quite tricky.

Anyway, I’m pleased I stumbled across this blog blast for peace. It’s made me think. I still don’t have the answers but I have renewed my commitment to raise my children peaceably and hope that I have some success.

Here’s to a world where people can live in peace and free from fear.


Anonymous said...

Claire thats lovley I'll go and look.

Only 2 children... its not the quantity... having 4 does not make me a better mother than you. It is how they are raised.

Claire said...

I agree Amanda it is about *how* they are raised.

I think too many people feel that what they do doesn't matter becuase it is *just* them and therefore insignificant - but if everyone thought that way and didn't try where would we end up?

I used to work with someone who when things looked tough was fond of say 'start with a part'. I think that's absolutely right. Everything must start somewhere and I feel that a firm family foundation of peace (whatever that might be - I hope to find out - I'm trying lol)is a step in the right direction for world peace.

Mimi Lenox said...

Your post made me think. Wonderfully done. You are peace globe #1440 in the official peace globe gallery.

Thank you for blogging for peace with us today.

Peace to you and yours,