Monday, 29 November 2010

Advent Spiral

Yesterday we braved the snowy weather to join with some other families in walking the Advent Spiral. We waited outside of the village hall as the two ladies kindly organising the spiral made the final touches.

We all entered together and found the hall in darkness save for a couple of candles on the window ledges and a large candle in the centre of the evergreen spiral.

We each took a seat arranged around the spiral and listened as one lady told a story about a shepherd boy.

After this we all sang quietly as the lady leading the spiral presented each child in turn with a candle. The child walked the spiral to the central candle, lit their candle from the central one and then placed it upon a silver star within the spiral. The whole thing took place in silence save for the soft singing.

I didn't take my camera but the spiral looked almost identical to this one below.

Once every child had walked the spiral we silently filtered outside to be greeted by beautiful floaty snow in the darkness. We took shelter under some large trees while munching on star biscuits and drinking hot apple juice. A truly magical time.

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Anonymous said...

that sounds lovley. :)

A. xx