Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Washing our cares away

I was ever so pleased that the morning after our 'fright night' referred to below, we were heading off for a one night stay at Blackpool. We had our cares blown away in Stanley Park, washed away in a marathon session at the Waterpark and were bedazzled by the illuminations.

The pictures above, taken from the website, don't do the place justice. We really did have a blast. We were there from 10.30am till almost 4.00pm and save for a fifteen minute snack break we were go, go, going the whole time! I was delighted with the amount of facilities for Miles. I was concerned that he would loose interest well before Hermione, but as it was he was the one least keen to leave.
I never thought I could come to like Blackpool. Hustle and bustle just ain't me. When the children announced they wanted to go last year I was horrified. I have to say I'm coming round to it though. We thoroughly enjoyed the circus and aquarium in Blackpool Tower last year and the Waterpark this year was amazing. Sure, I've never seen so many hanging baskets full of plastic flowers in my life - but for a one night stay perhaps that's all just part of the charm.

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