Thursday, 11 November 2010

Kindling the flame

I'm struggling to keep the flame burning bright at the moment. Winter has arrived here with a vengeance this week. We've had our first flurry of snow and some heavy frosts. The days are shortening rapidly - much more quickly than I recall ever having happened before.

I seem to be spending too much time hanging around doctors and hospitals and not enough time just being with heart and home. Too much time raging at things I can't change, imploring the ignorance of some and generally exposing myself to negativity. Goodness, if ever there was a time to be bright and positive it's now as we come into the shorter days and longer evenings - a natural time for thought and creativity.

It's time to take stock. I've been reading this message which a friend shared with me years ago. It's helping to focus my mind.

So, what have we been up to other than struggling to keep on top and upbeat?

We've been enjoying what is left of our garden gifts. The pumpkins are all but done now but there's still chard, curly kale and jerusalem artichokes.

Basking in the glow of candle light.

Musing at Snowy admiring one of the last of the sweet pea flowers. Snowy is one of the latest additions to the fold. She arrived just a few days ago with her chum Ginger who not surprisingly is a red hen. Ginger's not had her photo shoot as yet!

Hanging about.

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Anonymous said...

just being - ah I know what you mean, I've basically writtten off this year far too many appointments, too much anger, too much stress. No answers or advice.


Claire said...

It is difficult to remain at all centred when there are so many appointments and things pulling in all different directions. Big ((hugs)).