Friday, 18 February 2011

Round up

Miles seems to have developed a caring streak and has spent prolonged periods this week breaking peanut shells, with a wooden spoon, to remove the nut for the new hens. Awww bless.

I was so pleased that they didn't make it to the very top of this structure. It looks high as it is, but it was actually on top of a climbing frame which was already much higher than I am tall!

we were recently invited to join in a very exciting exploration of fibonacci numbers. I have to say that I'm still nigh on as clueless as I was beforehand, although I can honestly say that there are certain fruits and vegetables (particularly pineapples and cauliflowers) which will never look the same again. I will aways be seeking the hidden depth.

Is it normal for a cat to allow itself to be dressed in a balaclava? She even seems to enjoy it!
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Sarah said...

James was demonstrating to me during last week's piano lesson that the intro to Smoke on the Water is based on the Fibonacci sequence :-)

Claire said...

I wish I had half of that boy's mathematical genius!

Sarah said...

He is scarily bright!!