Friday, 25 February 2011

What's better, sex or revenge?

That's the question Hermione asked me when I suggested that we switch off her Katy Perry CD in the car, due to foul language and sexually evocative lyrics.

Note to Craig - listen to albums before downloading them for the children!!!

Apparently Katy Perry has much greater moral standing than Andrew Lloyd Webber because the music to Phantom of the Opera incites vengeful actions! Hmmm, I'm still pondering that one...


Jessica said...

Unfortunatly found out that lesson myslef....with a 11 yr old who now has a taste for both Miss Perry and Miss Gaga:(

Must always listen first...and if not easy to understand download the lyric and read them!

Its quite an intersting question she put forward though.

Claire said...

Oh I'm pleased to hear that other parents have difficulties understanding them too. I think I must have listened to the offending songs lots of times before figuring out the actual words!

Very intersting question. I was tempted to answer that it depends upon who you are having sex with/having revenge upon, but thought better of it :-)