Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sad update on the rescue hens

Sadly, Sally, the smallest of the three rescue girls, passed away peacefully this morning. It wasn't until she had actually passed that I had a really good luck at her. I knew she was in very poor condition but hadn't realised just how skeletal she was. Why do people do it? No one pressures you to have animals. There's no need to take them on and just not look after them. I have notified the RSPCA and hopefully they will act. It would be nice to think that Sally's very short life wasn't in vain and that through her others may come to know much better conditions.
We have never washed a hen before. We've never had need. It was however becoming apparent that the caked on faeces was no going to come off easily by rain and preening. We took what I considered to be the brave step of bathing them. Actually they really liked it. Hens love warmth and the warmth of the water really soothed them. It was important to dry them thoroughly afterwards (with a towel and hairdryer). Here's Sapphire enjoying her wash - as did Splash after her.
Here's hoping that Splash and Sapphire make it. I've spent much of today on the telephone to vets trying to get help and advice. The trouble is that none of them round here treat poultry. I'm giving them poultry spice and citracidal. Hopefully they will be fine. It was always the little one, Sally, that I feared wouldn't make it.
Hermione has been extremely distressed and that has made me wonder if I did the right thing. Should I bring home animals that I know are likely to die? It's a tough call - but then death is part of life and I hope that she can see that on balance, despite the tears we have both shed today, what we have done is worthwhile.
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Anonymous said...

oh sorry to hear this :(

wrt hen advice have you tried omlet they may be able to help.

Its a hard lesson but an important one, death is part of life.


Claire said...

I looked at the Omlet website but didn't call them. They're looking slightly brighter today but the weather here is wet and miserable so we have put them in the greenhouse to help them keep warm. They were shivering because they just don't have enough flesh on thier bones :-(

Sarah said...

One of my pupils keeps a rescued hen - I can ask for his vet-info if you'd like?

Lots of love xx

Claire said...

That would be great Sarah. Thank you xx

Sarah said...

I'll see him on Weds Claire and will get the info then. Hope that won't be too late. xx

Claire said...

They're going from strength to strength now I think :-) Would still be handy to have a contact though as you never know when it my be needed.