Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bargainous Delights

When my wonderful husband took me out to dinner on Friday night, my equally wonderful daughter made a lavender salt hand scrub, which dare I say is probably more appetising than the lavender cordial I made!

I picked up this patch work wool bag for a pound at a car boot sale on Saturday morning.  It's stuffed to bursting with wool I'm using to make a mini throw for my 'was to be a cracket'.  Yes, I swung by an amazingly stuffy, stacked to the gunnels antique place, on my way to the car boot and found a stool of just the right proportions for my mud zone.  I hope to have a ta da moment some time in the coming week.

Do you like my glass coffee mug?  I have a set of four, which knocked me back £3 at a charity shop last week.  I just had to have them and have visions of sipping cream topped liqueur coffees in them some time soon.  Anyone care to join me?

When we were at a bonfire party the other week one guest brought Peanut Brittle, Nigella style.  I urge you to try it.  It's delicious and with just two ingredients it's hard to go wrong.  Wack 100g caster sugar in the pan and heat till golden brown and liquid.  Add 100g salted peanuts and stir.  Turn out onto baking paper and leave to set.  Voila!

Have you had a bargain lately?


Hannah said...

Ooh, I love a good thrifting post! Isn't it wonderful when you discover a new place to go rummaging?
I was just thinking about peanut brittle the other week - the one you mentioned sounds so simple so I shall definitely give it a go.
I seem to pick up nothing but books lately.

Anonymous said...

in answer to your question - sadly no!