Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pumpkin Pie and Autumn Home

As part of planning for tomorrows lesson, I baked a pumpkin pie this afternoon.  I have to say, it is my best yet.  I'm not good at keeping and following recipes so my culinary offerings change all the time.  This time I made the topping with one roast butternut squash, two eggs, 140g brown sugar, half a carton of soya cream and a tsp of mixed spice.  Baked in the oven for forty minutes (180) on top of a crunchy gingernut base. Delish!

We have already cut into it and I will take what's left to share with friends tomorrow when we read some stories of the the Mayflower.

I've been thinking that with welly weather fast approaching, I could seriously do with a mud room. I'm fortunate in that I do have a reasonable sized hallway and a cloak room, but  the dreams I'm having, very much like this picture below in Country Living Magazine, are probably not that practical!

What I have concluded is that I *need* a stool very close to the door for the children to sit down and take their outdoor footwear straight off rather than tramping mud right through.   I've looked at the space available and have decided what I need is a cracket.  Actually I need two crackets - one for by the front door and one for by the back.  My search for local makers of affordable and beautiful crackets is progressing slowly.  All suggestions welcome.

I'm also wondering if I should try to get a cracket large enough for a plastic tray to fit underneath to drop muddy boots straight into?

When I've not been thinking about crackets I've been mostly crocheting granny square in a comforting neapolitan ice cream combo.  I like the cream, pale pink and brown.  I think it's snuggly warm yet with a glimpse of sunny ice cream days.  Who knows - my soon to be neapolitan mini throw may even go on my cracket should I ever get one!

I went to a craft fair a few weeks ago and picked up four large greeting cards for £5.  They are copies of a young ladies wildlife drawings and I had the pleasure to meet her in person.

I couldn't resist this picture of a cheeky fox frollicking.  I don't know why I'm full of foxy love right now, considering how a fox had designs on my wee beasties only weeks ago, but I am.  I'm hankering after a scatter cushion with a fox on too if the truth be known.  Preferably with red berries too.

Anyway, I have plans for these four large greetings cards.  I'm going to take down four random pictures in the kitchen/diner and replace them with these for the dark days of winter.  It will be a small connection with the wonderful outdoors at a time when we tend to spend more time indoors.  Come spring I can change the pictures round, in the frame, and I'll be back to cheeky chickens and vintage housewives.

Got to fly  x

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Anonymous said...

those cards are lovley - I often put pretty cards in frames too :)