Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sparkly fun

Hermione made a firework cake this morning while I pottered and generally cleared up the aftermath of copious black and orange tinsel which the children wound round every door handle in the house for Halloween.

Later we met with friends and Miles decorated cup cakes. I take my hat off to the amazingly chilled mama who allowed children to run a mock with a tub of Betty Crocker's icing and pots of sprinkles in her carpeted lounge!

Good old fashioned tail sticking fun.

Entranced by a sparkler.  I treasure pictures like these and hope that my children will always find beauty and wonder in simple pleasures.

It's been a wonderful week but I'm ready to get back into the groove now.  We don't necessarily take school holidays off from our 'work' but I do find the rhythm changes.  

Right, off to bed with The Girl who Played with Fire.

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Fay Gibson said...

Lovely photos. I can recommend reading The Bloodletters Daughter. Very good!