Sunday, 23 May 2010

Body boarding

We may be in the throes of a heat wave but there was no way I would venture in past my ankles!


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Incidentally, can you see that ever so beautifully weathered wooden sleeper in the photograph? If only I drove a truck, not a car, I think it may have found it's way here.


Mam said...

Lovely! Where were you? We were at Roker yesterday and while the beach was warm the sea was **freezing**!! H is being very brave!

Claire said...

Oh, I wish we'd gone to Roker now.

We were along at Shields. The beach wasn't very clean though and the lifeguards weren't out :-(

Anonymous said...

ankle depth sounds good to me :-)cold sea must be nice in the heat we've had though.

Mam said...

The lifeguards weren't out at Roker either, I guess the heatwave took them by surprise, too early to get organised. I notice it seems to have gone already, brrrr!!

Claire said...

There was something on the north news last night about all the litter on the beach at the weekend. I couldn't hear what they were saying above screaching children but clearly recognised the beach.