Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Salt scrub

With Nana sick, friends have really gone out of their way to support us as a family, and in particular to help cushion the children from the stress and anxieties that seem to fill a home when someone is very unwell.

At the weekend Hermione spent a day with one of her friends. The little girl's mum, who is a good friend of mine, brought Hermione home at bedtime with armfuls of fresh rhubarb from her allotment and also a lovely aromatherapy salt scrub she had made for me.

The scrub was really invigorating and Hermione was keen to make more as she had watched how it was made. She mixed salt, olive oil and essential oils until it reached the desired consistency.


It was then 'dolloped' into a little container with a lid and placed in the fridge till used. Lovely.

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Lynn said...

You've got good friends:-)
Going to have a go at making the scrub! Thanks x

Mam said...

Glad you're getting support Claire. Wish I lived nearer, but you have loads of folk that care which is great. Thanks for the email the other day xx