Sunday, 30 May 2010

Twenty Books

Following on from this article which states that, 'Keeping just 20 books in the home can boost children’s chances of doing well at school, according to a major study' there's a mem doing the rounds inviting folks to show and tell *grin*. You can find out more over at Clare's place here.

Without further ado here's some of our collections.

Books in baskets.

Books in corners awaiting shelving or baskets.

Books on the stairs.

Books under the bureau.

Books on the coffee table.

Books in kitchen cupboards.

Books in Craig's office.

Books on the rack.


Books on the window sil.


Books interspersed with games and stuff.


Books in the dining room.

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No books by the toilet! That's one place where I will not tolerate books. It's hard enough to get in the bathroom without people becoming too comfortable in there!

Off now to tidy my books and bathroom *grin*.

Please feel free to play along. Leave a comment so we can be sure to come and have a snoop through your collection.


shepherdlass said...

I have to admit to always having 2 or 3 books by the toilet/bath. Sometimes the best place to read something in absolute quiet!

Clare said...

That should do it! ;)

I too must admit to having books in the bathroom - a whole basket for us! Mostly used by DH though, now I have an iPhone I tend to escape to do interweb stuff (not this comment though, honest!).

Mam said...

Twenty books? Oh, my house would be sooooooo tidy if we only had twenty books, lol