Saturday, 22 May 2010

A walk through the garden

Bobbity, the 'once was wild but now part of the family' bunny.

Cherry blossoms.

Prayer flags which we bought when exploring China and Tibet.

Blackbird in the bushes.

Mixed salad leaves.

Broad beans and nasturtiums.


A very dusty bunny chilling out, where flowers once grew but has since been turned into a dust bowl by digging bunnies, scratting hens and a small boy with a bucket and spade... .


The grave of a honey bee found dead on the deck.


Solar lanterns in amongst the apple blossom.


Curly kale, perpetual spinach, a flowering plant that I cannot name, and of course, a random plant pot!

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Clare said...

Very inspiring (note to self - do NOT develop garden envy!) :)

Claire said...