Saturday, 4 December 2010

The good, the bad and the downright scary..

The good - we managed to get out of the house today. Hooray! Craig dug my car out of the drive. We even managed to pass under the menacing icicles that now stretch all the way round the house, without being dripped on or speared!

The bad - we did all we could but Merlin gave up her fight. I think she's been a little flat for a while. I suspect the stress of the sudden onset of winter triggered her molt and it was all just too much for her right now. RIP my cheeky chook.

Now, here's the downright scary. Why did I abandon my principles about working animals in the face of festive cheer? Worse still, why did I allow this man who appeared to be a sandwich short of a picnic, lead my children off round Palace Green, in a trap drawn by two ponies which would have been more at ease in a bucking broncho setting? Very scary and I wish I had not succumbed.

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a said...

ah.... is'nt this time of year hard.

Claire said...

Yes, it can be hard. Yesterday was also the anniversary of my dad's death. Strange mix of sorrow and cheer at this time. xx

a said...

Sorry Claire, I did'nt relise. I find september difficult as we have my Dad's anniversary (13 years now) and then a few birthdays within a few weeks of each other. Sorrow and cheer indeed. hope nana is recovering well. xx

Claire said...

No need to apologise!

It's thirteen years since my dad's death too. A long time.

Nana is doing great :-)