Thursday, 16 December 2010

Winding down

We're winding right down on the 'work' front here now. Hermione did her last maths for 2010 today. Tomorrow she will finish her current science unit and then all that's left is to complete our tour of Victoria's Empire and we'll be done. We have been watching this DVD presented by Victoria Wood. It's not the best I've seen of this kind, but interesting all the same.
Miles is spending lots of time talking science and begging to do more and more experiments with a science kit I picked up in a charity shop. It's the real deal with chemicals and all, so I tend to leave it to Craig. Experiments to test the handles on carrier bags is more my scene - and for anyone who may be interested Asda bags are stronger than Tesco. Hermione and I discovered that the other day.
When he's not absorbed in experiments or lego he can generally be found watching one of the 'Walking With' series. We now have Walking with Dinosaurs, Walking With Beasts and Walking With Cavemen. They are all exceptionally informative and I think they're great. I guess the only downside is that Nana seems to be a bit uncomfortable when they are on, particularly the Caveman one. Miles has not queried the whole evolution/creation debate as yet. I'm sure it will come. I'm only hope it doesn't come as he walks down the aisle as a shepherd this weekend. Timing is everything!
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