Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Yay!!! Bring it on!!!

I've managed to bag a grocery delivery slot with Asda for the 22nd of December! No last minute dash around the supermarket when I should be drinking sherry and munching mince pies by the fire.

I'm not going to worry about 'the rest'. I'm so not going to worry that I haven't even dragged out the 'let's not worry about Christmas' book. It's just going to happen.

Did I mention that the children have decided that we should have a Victorian Christmas? I think that's to extend to decorations only, not food and gifts, sadly. Nana is using her period of convalescence to crochet tree baubles from scraps of wool. They're beautiful! Must get some pictures of them and the knitivity.


Sarah said...

That book looks interesting - may I be cheeky and ask if I could borrow it (if you still don't feel the need for it in a week or so's time....)


Claire said...

Of course you can.

Hannah said...

Congrats on your asda shopping slot - it's always a bit of a hairy feeling until you get it booked isn't it?!
Victorian decorations sound like they will be so pretty - what a great idea.

Sarah said...

Thanks Claire, that will be lovely :-)

If we actually manage to see you again before Christmas, that is.....