Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hamlet the Comedy

So traumatised was I by the event, that I forgot to tell you about an interesting night out which Hermione and I had the week before Christmas.

We made a rather long journey, (about an eighty mile round trip), to spend time with special friends and go to see Hamlet the Comedy performed by Odd Socks Theatre Company.

Unfortunately, my windscreen wipers started doing strange things on the way there and by the time we arrived, (very late) I felt I'd driven most of the way blind. I was shaking like a leaf and had to be assisted by the theatre manager in making necessary telephone calls to ensure our journey back was safer.

Friends who live close by offered us a bed for the night and I sat down to watch the performance, resigned to the fact that I would probably spend the whole time trying to decide whether to accept the offer of a bed or whether to try to make it back home that night. How wrong I was! Within a few moments into the performance I had forgotten about our hair raising journey and the dilemma as to what I would do when the performance ended. It was hilarious!

I have seen many versions of Hamlet to include contemporary and those aimed at specifically for younger audiences. This one was different. I think it would appeal to all ages - even the Lady Ga Ga style Ophelia. Wonderful, wonderful show. I would certainly recommend it to you. Apparently they are touring with Macbeth the Comedy this year and I sincerely hope they come up north.

Oh, and incidentally, I felt so calm following the performance I decide to drive home that night. The only problem was that by the time we got back Craig had assumed all was not well and as out looking for us. Ahhh, bless his stinky socks.

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