Friday, 14 January 2011

Worth the wait

What a nightmare! The man at Tescos had trouble with his pricing gun tonight. He couldn't get the reduction stickers to print. Much to Craig and Hermione's irritation, I was patient and managed to snap up organic veg at a fraction of the price, two pots of hyacinths for 30p each and £31 worth of flowers for £2.60! So, perhaps there are other things I could have done with that half hour, but what the heck!

I love flowers but won't usually splash out. I'm feeling very blessed to have a home full of blooming colour right now - at a sensible price too. It's certainly worth finding out when your supermarket marks everything down.
So, my house is looking lovely, all I have to do now is make sure the food is equally good when friends come to dinner tomorrow night. I'm making a few things I've not made before, Loaded Nachos to start, Texan Beef (a la Nigella) and Cashew Roast for veggies, followed by Key Lime Pie. Wish me luck!


Lynn said...

Great bargains! Food sounds scrummy- good luck - although I am sure you won't need it ;-) xx

windingcirclelifeschool said...

My mum often brings home bunches of reduced flowers for me as well, she says its much better then the poor things ending up as trash!
Good luck with your dinner, it sounds delightful...nigella makes some most mouthwatering food:)

Anonymous said...

well done for bargain hunting! Worth the wait! Hope the dinner went well - I'm sure it did :)

A. xx