Friday, 7 January 2011

The wild and the not so wild

It's taken much longer than I would like but I think we're finally shaking our lurgy and getting back on top. Still feeling very much like I've been wrung out but I've an appointment with my reflexologist next week so hopefully that will see a vast improvement.

We have had friends to stay. Sadly they came to stay for a funeral. I've so many friends having hard times of late. I really do hope 2011 will bring much happiness. There are many folks I know who could do with a large dollop. Anyway, the circumstances could have been better but it was lovely to see them all the same. It was good to have their house bunny stay too. Here's Flick. Hermione willed her to eat the science book, but alas, it's still there.

Moving on from the 'not so wild', to the decidedly 'verging on wild', I must tell you about our brief trip to the museum today. 'Come and see mummy! Come and see Mummy!' shouted Miles. 'It's even more exciting than the dinosaur exhibition - it's a wild rumpus!!' The wild rumpus turned out to be a small group of school children and when their teacher eventually stopped texting on her mobile she looked decidedly unimpressed with his comment. Hmmm, perhaps she hasn't read Where the Wild Things Are? Or perhaps she thought the shame should be mine not hers? Miles was actually being quite charitable when he called it a wild rumpus - it's certainly not what I would have called it. I hope it was her supervision and not Miles' observations which were the cause of concern.

Moving on, for anyone out there who ends up buying lots of bits and pieces for children throughout the year, it may be worth having a look at the Hawkin's Bazaar sale at the moment. Many things have 75% off. Delivery is £3.95 but if you spend a reasonable amount it still works out a bargain. I've stocked up on gifts for my own children throughout the year and also for friend's children.

Miles' first 'proper' workbooks arrived today. He's starting some Singapore Maths. Sadly I think I'm much more excited about it than him. Hermione did Singapore Maths at his age before we moved to Horizon and more latterly Galore Park.

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Sarah said...

I love that - "a wild rumpus" :-)

Mam said...

'Wild Rumpus'?? Lol!! Go Miles!!! :-) awww

Mam said...

Just to add..your park pic is making me very homesick!! :'-( wish I was there!

Claire said...

I was thinking of you when we were there. Hermione was talking about when we all went down to play.