Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Networking not working.

As regular readers will know, when it comes to Facebook I'm a hypocrite. I hate the ethos. I hate the commercial exploitation. I hate the way it accentuates some users vulnerabilities. I hate the impact it can have on 'real life' friendships. I hate lots of things about it, but I use it - not a lot, but I do. It's a social disease and I've got it.

I would like not to be on Facebook but there are groups there which I feel I need to be part of - things to do with home education and such like - things I need to find out for the benefit of my children, but otherwise would not be able to find out.
I felt physically sick upon reading about this lady. Sadly I doubt she will be the only one too. Really it's made me wonder why the hell it's called Facebook. Surely to call it Faceless would be more appropriate - a place where people can go, without a face and therefore without responsibility for their social interactions. I know of course that there are millions of users who despite being faceless are perfectly good and decent. I'm just saddened that some use it in a way so as to take social interaction to such a base level, totally lacking in humanity.

Yeah, so it's great for many, but what of those who use it as a way to debase societal decency and degrade humanity? What of those who make mega million bucks out of it - be it used as intended or not? Sheeesh, I wish I could kick it....and in the meantime I apologise profusely to all my Facebook friends for my gross hypocrisy, I'm working on it.


Anonymous said...

I'm on facebook but not really into it, I post rarely, but tbh not sure why I do!

Claire said...

Perhaps you've just 'caught it' too :-)