Saturday, 5 May 2012

Black Forest Gateaux - the way to an XXL Muffin!

The jar jackets are multiplying and I suspect little woolen mice may be too, now Hermione has mastered the art of making them!

Funny old day it's been.  The weather hasn't quite known whether to rain or shine so we've pottered at home doing chores.  There's lots of them right now; the house is still in a state of chaos!

I decided recently that on weekend evenings I would make a mundane main course and delicious dessert one night, with a big roast dinner the other evening.  I couldn't quite manage 'all singing all dancing' main and dessert for one sitting!

If you remember rightly I made a Baked Lemon Cheese Cake last weekend and Miles declared it  'disappointing'.  Well, this week I made Black Forest Gateaux with lashings of morello cherries and dark chocolate shards.   I even went so far as to melt the dark chocolate, spread it thinly onto baking parchment and chop it with a pizza slice once reset, (I suspect all the top chocolatiers use a pizza slice on the quiet!).

It looked very passable to me and slid down nicely with some soya cream.  So, what was the verdict?

'Please, stick to ice cream and apple crumbles mummy!'

My inner domestic goddess has been wounded and may retreat for some time, and perhaps that's a good thing, as while reading an article online which was supposed to make women feel good about their body shape, I stumbled across this frightful clip which has me (and no doubt many others) dashing out for Spanx Pants!


carole said...

I make chocolate cake once a week. It goes down really well in our house. Just a normal sponge mix

4oz marg
4oz sugar
3 oz sr flour+1oz cocoa
Half a teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs

Put Cadbury squares of chocolate on the top when cake is hot out of the oven and it melts in no time. Or mix with white chocolate and make swirls as it melts x

Claire said...

Miles isn't wild about chocolate cake. I think part of the reason is that he doesn't tolerate dairy well so it's always just cocoa powder and dark chocolate which is quite a strong taste for children. I think I'll certainly try putting squares of Cadbury's on top of a freshly baked one some day when he's out with Nana or gone to bed early though. It sounds delicious!