Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Podding with friends

We're just back from a fabulous couple of days in the Lake District with four other home ed families.  We stayed in a small circle of pods at The Quiet Site near Ulswater.

The views were dramatic; so much so that two men and one child were inspired to hike up a lofty hill on a very hot day!

The way in which the pods were set out lent itself ever so nicely to communal gathering - to include pimms and champagne quaffing in the afternoon!  I'm so pleased we had a glamper in the group!  In comparison I even  managed to forgot to take a pan.

The weather was the hottest I can remember in a long while.  Certainly the hottest weather I have managed to be outside and enjoying in a good while.

The fort was the scene of numerous water battles.  Thankfully even soaked to the skin, the children didn't feel cold in the strong sunshine.  Their clothes dried ever so quickly hung over the trees so could be changed effortlessly when they were saturated.

This is what it was like inside our pod.  As you can see pod keeping was not top of my list.  Basically it accommodated our double and one single airbed with a wee space to spare.  There was an electric light and a spare socket.

Much fun was had with paddling pools and water guns.

Last but not least, here's a snap of the Quiet Bar, complete with large horn on the side.  Very rustic, full of dead animals in various arrangements, roaring open fire and excellent pear cider.

A wonderful time with wonderful people.  Hopefully we'll do it again.  xx


Sarah said...

It does look absolutely wonderful! Do you think it could cure me of my camping phobia? ;-)

Claire said...

Yes, you must come next year!