Thursday, 10 May 2012

A day with my boy

 What a lovely day I've had!  Don't get me wrong, I love having two children, but, it is a luxury to be able to focus all of your attention on just one for the day.

Hermione and nana headed on out quite early on a big shopping spree.  Nana had promised to take Hermione to her favorite cafe, and also shopping for shoes suitable for playing dodgeball in.  Apparently it's just not de rigueur to be seen at youth group in Clark's trainers once you reach a certain age *sigh.*  Had they still fit she would have just had to buck the supposed trend and wear them, but since they were becoming small anyway, I let nana indulge her in some animal print baseball boots.

All shopped out with nana by day, she then spent the evening swimming with Craig, so, I've had my boy all to myself for much of the day!

So, what have we done?

We played on wii fit for half an hour and Miles rolled about laughing at my lack of balance and co ordination.  

We did some reading work (mainly Reading Eggs) and some maths (shapes, angles and language of chance).  At Miles' request we watched a BrainPop clip about the Bubonic Plague - not one I would have suggested myself, but come to think of it Hermione was always quite interested in this too.  I think it has something to do with the odd nose masks the plague doctors wore.  We looked at currency through the ages - from shells and seeds to coins and notes.

We had leisurely bubble baths and I didn't moan when the bathroom floor got soaked with boisterous wave making.

After lunch we ventured out to a one stop cake shop where you can buy everything you may ever require, including glitter which apparently is used for decorating cakes but is not edible.  As I understand it, the glitter leaves your body very much in the same form as it enters.  Hmmmm...sparkly pan!

We resisted the urge to buy any such sparkles.  I didn't want to risk an iridescent shimmer on my bog brush.  Instead we picked up some Jubilee bits, which was one of the main reasons we went.    One of Miles' little chums is hosting a Jubilee gathering and I would like to bake.  I know, I know, I could decorate with strawberries, blueberries and white butter icing - but then what would become of the Jubilee sprinkles?  Dilema solved; I'm now all set.

Back at home we chilled for a good hour or so with lego.  I was quite pleased with my creations even if I do say so myself.  What a luxury to be able to sit for over an hour just playing with lego; not playing with lego while also trying to put the washing away or keep Hermione right on whatever work she's doing at the time.  I realized that when you do it, and accept that's it, it can actually be fun.  I need to play with lego more often.

Later we baked fairy cakes.  Miles hates noise; he's nowhere near as sensitive as he once was to noises, but he tends to steer clear of the kitchen when there are any contraptions in action.  Since there was just him and I home it seemed like a great opportunity to gently encourage him to take control of the food processor, which he manged.  Slowly at first, with ears protected, but before long he had it at top speed and was screeching with laughter - success!

He topped the fairy cakes with the black regale icing and candy beads he had chosen at the cake shop.  I had serious misgivings about black icing but have to say it looked okay and tasted just like any other.

When Craig finally came home from work this was the wonderful sight that greeted him.  Miles was ever so proud.

With dinner over and Hermione and Craig out swimming, we pottered in the kitchen.  I turned to see Peckham (was to be David Peckham, but he turned out to be a she) wearing Craig's boots.  Well, she didn't really have them on but I had to look twice.

Recently Miles won a competition for a years membership of Listening Books and we snuggled down to listen to the first of four parts of Why the Whales Came.    I really should know by now to read Michael Morpurgo's myself before sharing with the children.  Don't get me wrong, he's one of my favorite children's authors, but it's not all fluff and ginger beer.  He tackles some strong stuff.  This was one of the few I had not read and on reflection I could possibly have left it another couple of years before sharing it with Miles, but we've started so we'll carry on.  We've chatted at length about the potentially scary bits and I think he's good.

I'm delighted Miles won this membership as there are some great children's books on there, including some educational stuff.  I have to admit though, I do find the site very tricky to use, but then that's probably a reflection upon me as opposed to the site.

Okie dokie, off to plan a luxurious day with my big baby in the not too distant future.

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