Sunday, 6 May 2012

Super Moon

 Last night Hermione and I set off in search of the Super Moon.   As the moon orbits, it's distance from earth changes slightly. Last night the moon was on a close orbit and it was also a full moon - very impressive!

I got it into my head that the best place to see it was probably at the beach, so, we headed down to the cliff tops to await the Super Moon.  It was impressive, much more so than my photograph would suggest, but we really need not have gone to the coast.  At that time, as it rose on the horizon, it wasn't entirely dark and that detracted form it's  beauty.

Late on, as I closed the curtains before turning into bed, it looked amazing, high and bright in a cloudless sky.

You can find a better explanation of last night's moon, and some wonderful pictures of it around the world, here.

The jar jackets have today been accompanied by coasters.  At the time I had my camera out there was only one; there are now two!  I'm having such fun with my new bold bright colored wools.  They were a real bargain at £1.49 per sizable ball.  Obviously, at that price they're low in wool and high in acrylic, but for coasters and things like that it's good to have something that will wash over and over.


Sarah said...

Where did you get the wool from?

Claire said...

I'll drop you a line Sarah xx