Friday, 12 September 2008

Ah well... we are at the end of another week and still no further forward. No decision on liability. No certainty. No payments. Nothing but stress and more stress.

I found myself referring to certain sectors of the financial services industry as operating like 'Dick Turpin without a mask' today, but then I recalled all the work I did with Trudy last night about forgiveness, acceptance and joy and made a conscious effort to be more positive.

Thankfully no more jobs have been lost this week but as for whether we'll manage to pay the remaining staff next week will have to be seen *sigh*.

Do you know that the Financial Services Ombudsman receives approximately 7,000 complaints a day yet has a staff of just approximately 65. Whats more they can only order a firm to pay a token compensatory gesture - nothing to reflect or represent the real cost of the firms actions or in actions. No the wonder the industry is as it is.

Edited to add I almost forgot to mention about a quantum drawing site I stumbled across this week by Barry Hoon. It's good. If quantum drawing is your kind of thing then get yourself along there. There are drawings to print off free of charge and they're good - although quantum drawing isn't really my thing as it makes my eyes go all wappy *grin*


Lynn said...

My heart goes out to you.These are really testing times. Trudy seems like a good person to have in your corner though ;-)

I hope things get sorted soon and then you can move on.xx

(((( big cyber squeezes coming your way ))))

Anonymous said...

not sure if i commented before..
echoing lynn.