Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Feeling blue

Feeling very blue.

Can I have a moan here? I don't want to moan at home as we're all in the same boat - a boat we're all trying to keep afloat which kind of means not moaning and trying our best to look on the bright side.

I was thinking the other day, what would happen if the LEA came to visit some time soon and I had to explain that the children had spent the last few weeks messing, watching telly, playing on the computer and stuff while I chased brokers, loss adjusters, forensic scientists, underwriters etc. It took me a day or two to realise that frankly I couldn't give a monkey's chuff what the LEA think - but more importantly I'm absolutely devastated about it.

At the risk of appearing to wallow I'm going to say that it feels like a whole lot more than our business, bricks and mortar went up in flames that day.

The Financial Services Ombudsman is now investigating the situation for us. Hopefully we'll see progress soon although the underwriters seem to just laugh at them as well as us.

On the plus side, (yes there is a plus side to all this), the jeans which were cutting me in half a month ago now not only zip up with ease but also would have room to tuck in my jumper were I inclined to do so. Not that I do tuck in my jumper, of course!


cosmic seed said...

Oh Claire :( It's bloody hard work trying to keep it together when you feel like you're falling apart isn't it? Have similar jean thing going on here too, so plenty of empathy along with plenty of hope that things turn around soon. As for the LEA, there's heaps of educational value in what your two are doing, and you're completely right not to give a stuff what they think, in my not so humble opinion! xxxx

Claire said...

I think I've just deleted someone's comment by mistake. Not sure who it was. Sorry :(

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you don't tuck your jumper in!!

Seriously, though, mabye things are now hitting you, delayed shock. Mine have spent the last few months messing, watching telly, playing on the computer and stuff and we have got a LEA visit soon. It does'nt matter. Holding it all together does and its f***ing hard. Take care, moan as much as you want to, but never, NEVER tuck your jumper in! ;0)

Linda said...

Claire we were just the same last year when we moved house, it will all pull itself back together again(the HE).
As for the fire, there is nothing I can say or do to make things better so will just send cyber hugs... ((((hugs))))

Bridget said...

We've just had four weeks off for the summer, we've done very little. You can have time off whenever you like, it will come back, honestly!
Just look after yourself and your family, the rest will follow.
Thinking of you.
Tuck your jumper in, I do it all the time!!! Mind you I was born in the sixties, that's what we do ! It's the new black!

Ruth said...

Kids messing, T.V e.t.c sounds like a normal summer to me:) As for the rest ((((Claire))).

Claire said...

Thank you all for the wise words and big ((hugs)).

Liz said...

Sounds to me as if you deserve a jolly good moan. And a large bar of chocolate.

Meanwhile I've just eaten two slices of cake so my jeans are undone ...