Saturday, 20 September 2008

The wait is over - for now

We had news yesterday. Not the news we were hoping for. The insurance company have finally reached a decision. They have decided not to honour our claim.

The whole situation will now be turned over to more forensic scientists who will examine our processes again and specialist insurance lawyers who will once again look at the interpretation of certain policy conditions.

Words can't describe how I feel. Money can't buy you love, but by the same token love can't always buy a roof over your head. That's a huge weight for me to adjust to. A home making, home birthing, home edding mama is what I am.

So much to think about. Desperately trying to visualise us like a phoenix rising from the ashes (quite apt eh?) but struggling to do so just yet.


Ruth said...

((Claire))) what a nightmare for you all.I am just hoping it is resolved in a much better way very quickly.

Linda said...

Oh my, I am so sorry to hear that news. Wish there was something I could do but of course there isn't.

Cyber hugs seem a little pointless but they're all I have so for you:


Anonymous said...

Claire so sorry. Really hope that things improve soon.

echoing linda


cosmic seed said...

Oh Claire :'( What a night mare - I will keep everything crossed that it gets over turned.

Bridget said...

Thinking of you and hoping things turn around for you, hopefully it's a blip and they will reconsider further down the line.

Claire said...

Thank you everyone.

We've spoken to more foreniscs this week who have given us some hope. Trying not to get too excited yet though - we have to figure out how to pay them and can't be certain of the outcome. Trying to acknowledge the need to move on whilst also not giving up hope on an appeal if you know what I mean..

Elizabeth said...

So sorry to hear that news. Fingers crossed that the re-examination comes out in your favour.