Tuesday, 16 September 2008


My mate Fiona would have been proud of me yesterday. After much recent chat about 'stagnation' I decided to muster the energy and clear out some summer stuff in order to make space for autumn. Baby steps in the clearing process - certainly not so organised as to be 'recycling' my old books on Amazon Marketplace yet - but I've made a start.

Away went the dinky china tea set, steel watering can, punch bowl and other trappings of summer. Out came the pumpkins and the start of this years seed pod collection.

I dug up some snowball onions. Not what you would call a bumper crop but pleasing all the same.

I picked lots of sweetpeas, one of the last strong signs of summer in our garden.

We messed outside eating blackberries and elderberries straight from the bush whilst trying to think 'abundant enzymes' as opposed to 'abundant maggots'. Perhaps I should have popped in and given them a wash??

Whilst on the topic of abundance, I'm going to light a candle tonight and focus on abundant communication from our insurer - well one communication would do to be honest - one which means we can keep our home and our staff keep thier jobs.


Anonymous said...

Claire thinking of you.... sending postive vibes your way.

love the pumpkins btw :0)

Bridget said...

Thinking " Abundant communication " !!