Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Signs of Autumn

We went to a Red Cross Charity Fruit Picking event. Lots of fruit crumbles on the menu around here. Keep trying to summon the energy to make chutney but not managed yet.

Cheeks bulging with blackberries from our hedge.

Miles helping himself to corn on the cob, raw, straight from the patch. Goodness, look at the colour of those hands *blush*.

Thinking of autumn and the things you gather at this time, I thought of nuts - soap nuts!

Do any of you folks use them? We tried them recently but have concluded that they are only really any good for washing relatively clean things at relatively high temperatures. I do try on the 'green' front but felt the extra heat needed and the re washing things that weren't clean kind of defeated the object. Have I gone wrong somewhere or is this other people's experience too?


Anonymous said...

My children eat berries from the bush too.

Never tried soap nuts, tbh Ido try with green products but like you find that they are not always practical. Difficult is'nt it?

Bridget said...

Never tried the nuts, as said by Amanda, being green especially with four boys and their dirty clothes isn't always practical, some stains are really hard to get out , I wash them three times which sort of defeats the object.
Recipe for chutney would be appreciated, I'm fed up of makng apple pie, crumble and sauce. Something new would be exciting.

Claire said...

I'll have look for my chutney recipe. I really should do it too.