Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Craig and I went to a friends house for dinner this evening. When we returned home I discovered my little sis had restyled my room! I think I mentioned some time ago that she was coming to stay, and that I was going to ask her to do something with my room as it was basically a space with a bed and that's it - no character or anything.

Well, imagine my delight to come home to this!

My room has gone from being bland and sparse to luxurious and inviting. She painted the huge picture above my bed especially for me. It's a mixture of acrylics and water paints on wood. I love it.

New bedding, accessories - even a fluffy new robe on the bed! A beautiful pink orchid - one of my favourite flowers, the works!

Just look at the little box of chocolates on my pillow!

My window has had the designer treatment too with layers of voile and floor length curtains.

So many beautiful things to admire, arranged with care.

A beautiful stand to display my treasured wash jug.

Wow, I'm so excited - and it's not entirely finished yet! She's also going to help me to sort out some smaller pictures and frames and also revamp an old stool I found in the attic.

I feel so special. I've got a proper bedroom as opposed to a blue box. There has been so much to do here to create a warm and welcoming home (we bought our home, essentially pulled it down and rebuilt it). I've never gotten around to doing anything with my own bedroom. It seemed less important than any other room in the house but now it's great.


Anonymous said...

Thats lovley. Even more lovley that your sis did it :0)


Tis me said...

wow Claire how very lovely :-) xx d

Lynn said...

How lovely! Talented sis :-)x

Mam said...

Wow! Love it!

Bridget said...

When can she come and do mine?