Friday, 5 February 2010

Waking bulbs

Miles and I pulled on our boots and went for a walk with our Steiner friends today. It was grey and wet but we sang as we went, and were sang to too by a lovely little robin.

The children rang sleigh bells on long coloured ribbons and sang, 'wake up little bulbs, wake up little bulbs, spring time's nearly here..'

Are the bulbs in your neighbourhood awake yet?

We rolled beeswax candles whilst chatting about Imbolc and Candlemass. I love the smell of natural beeswax. Miles loves it too, so much so I had to try hard to convince him it's not edible!

Despite the unusually chilly (and ongoing??) winter this year, the earth is certainly stirring. The signs of new life may still be small but they're coming thick and fast!

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