Monday, 22 February 2010

Plants, stools, wax and biomes

We've been doing a bit of work on plants these last few days and I'm absolutely loving this photosynthesis song.

A friend who is very into wild flowers and is well tuned into the natural world was assuring me that spring (when it finally arrives) will be really dramatic this year. After being held back so much longer than usual the plant life will just burst forth! Not sure when it will happen though - we're covered in snow again here.

You know I told you not so long back that as a treat my mum arranged for my sister and I to be able to go to a health spa/gym for a month? Well, I think I've made a big mistake. I've taken the children. I'm not sure how they are going to re adapt to the council pool at the end of the month. I think they now view a poolside jacuzzi, loungers and drinks by the pool to be an essential part of the swimming experience.

My new bedroom has just gone from being fab, to ever more fab - thanks to my sisters ability to spot a beautiful bargain in a second hand junk store from about quarter of a mile away. I now have a bed end stool. That's probably not the proper name for it, but whatever it is, I'm loving it.

I'm still spending a fair amount of time looking at Montessori style resources at the moment. The Montessori method seems really adaptable to what both Hermione and Miles want right now. The materials are really flexible and they can both dip in and out as they please, at their own level. I'm getting lots of ideas from this website which I've linked at her page on biomes - something which I hope to tackle soon.

Ever wondered if melted wax mixes with water? No, of course it doesn't! What happens if you fill a saucer with melted wax, stick a ready made candle in it and then plunge the whole thing in a bucket of cold water? The melted wax rises and sets, sticking to the candle, to produce something like this below. If you try this then wear thick rubber gloves. The wax is hot!


me said...

Your wax thing just got a 'That is COOOOOOLLLL!!! Let's make one' from C! ;0)


edathome2010 said...

I love your wax thing. great idea. I'm going to do it. thanks. I also love the song.
Patricia Hope