Thursday, 11 February 2010

Ups and downs

It's been a wee while since I've blogged and that's unusual for me. I've been suffering from dreadful insomnia which has left me feeling really wiped out. I've also had a nasty blow to the head (over exuberant playing with the children in the garden whilst deliriously tired) which left me vomiting and rather concussed for a while. Generally too much *stuff* going on. Lots of silent screams and not so silent moans.

So what's been happening?

Hermione and I went to a ceilidh with friends and it was fab! I think I did one too many dashing white sergeants and am still feeling rather stiff days on, but it was jolly good fun at the time.

Here is a picture of a rather odd dance which required rapid movements from being on your feet, to on your knees and generally all over. I sat that one out!

My sister Helen has arrived and it's great to have her around. Today we all hung out at the Cathedral together for a while. We all really enjoyed it. The children are becoming comfortable and intrigued there which is great as it's so vast we could go dozens of times and still see something new every time.

We set out our spring nature table. It's a minimal kind of affair right now but
I suspect it will grow over coming weeks as we discover and gather more things to adorn it with.

This evening we said goodbye to Willie, nana's very elderly cat. She died in nana's arms. It's been a difficult week, just not quite knowing how her final hours and minutes would unfold. An anxious time. Thankfully she drifted in the arms of one who knew her best and I dare say loved her deeper than any.

I have felt uplifted at times this week by the sun streaking through the windows. Not just fleeting flickers - strong, long rays, full of warmth. About time!


Anonymous said...

ouch!! hope your bump on head is o,k now!
wrt too much *stuff* going on I know that feeling. take care.


Bridget said...

Sorry to hear about Nanns cat XX
Hope the knock on the head didn't knock any sense in! Dreadful thought!

Claire said...

Yes, head's okay now and I'm still daft as a brush so nothing's changed there :-)

Mam said...

Hello Claire. So sorry to hear you've had a rough few days, glad you've pulled through and there have been ups as well as downs. Missing you all so much!

Claire said...

We're missing you guys too! I've mailed you on your old email addy.