Thursday, 4 February 2010

I'm lovin'..

These really cute pencils that Hermione bought for Miles. I've been taping big pieces of lining paper to the floor and he's had good fun drawing lots of volcanoes.

I'm lovin' those dinky little toes too even if his big sister does think it's time he had his nail varnish touched up!

I'm lovin' this amazing site where you can download lots of audio books for free. We're currently listening to a couple of chapters of E Nesbit's Story of the Treasure Seekers each night. It's great - I feel like I've gone back to my childhood as I'm so unaccustomed these days to being read to. Quite a novelty.

I'm lovin' how darned useful YouTube is as an educational tool. I know I'm always raving about this one, but no matter what the topic, (today we were looking leading food crops in the world), there's almost always a quirky clip on YouTube about it.

I'm lovin' being busy and looking to the future, whilst making sure I allocate time right now for friends and folks who nurture me.

Lots to look forward to on the home ed community front. I'm meeting with a good friend soon to discuss our regular Book Club with a view to a bit of an overhaul and introduction of repetition and rhythm.

We have also become involved with a project funded by the British Library called Campaign Make an Impact. Very exciting stuff. I think it's a wonderful opportunity for the children. I'll update you on this one when I know what the group decide to campaign for.

A home ed friend has received a donation of lots of varied musical instruments and there is talk of setting up a local home ed musical instrument library. I'm going to put my name down for the glockenspiel first *grin*.

Last but certainly not least, I'm lovin' the the kindness and generosity of Nana who has given me a months worth of pampering to look forward to at this very place. Even looking at the picture is making me feel more relaxed *grin*.


Anonymous said...

what an amazing gift and amazing nana...lovely positive post.


Claire said...

I know, I'm so excited. It's a treat for me and my sister (who's visiting from Canada for a month) to chill out and rejuvenate together. I'll just get on an evening but that's fine.

Hope you're well :-)