Saturday, 2 June 2012

Textile landscapes, yarns and roses

It must be said, although I'm not actually doing the Arts Award, I'm certainly enjoying the ride! I have been joining in some textiles workshops Hermione has been partaking in.  I've always wanted to create textile landscapes, I love the landscapes by Helen Cowans, but I've not even had the confidence to try before.

We started out with a piece of cream cotton sheeting and painted it with silk paints and acrylics.  We then stitched on organza which we later fused and burned.

I made seed pod beads from copper wire and learned how to stitch a french knot (and various adaptations of a french knot!).

Incidentally, for those who live in my area, you may be interested to know the Pound Shop has some bright and cheery wool/acrylic blends in at the moment.   I love it when my crochet basket is over flowing with choice!

Ah another recent prurchase; the largest rose candle I could afford.  Rose is supposed to banish negativity.

My landscape as it progresses.  Can you see how the organza has shriveled and pulled away from the stitching in response to strong heat?  Not quite sure what possessed me to put that green piece in the sky.  It looks very seaweed like.  Ho hum......

The yellow flowers are made from an old thin cleaning cloth.  It's thinner than felt and lets the light filter through.  I'm amazed by how strongly I'm drawn to reds in this little piece of creation.  I don't usually use any true red at all in decorating my home, save for a wee touch in the kitchen.  I often feel too much red in my home stimulates energies which I'd rather temper, but it somehow feels right here.  I think it may be destined for a shady area of my bedroom landing which could do with an energy boost!

Whoops, almost forgot to say, remember I told you a wee while back that we set seven fertile duck eggs in the incubator?  Well, it turned out that only three were fertile.  We got rid of those so as they didn't explode and jeopardise the well being of the others.  They aren't due to hatch till Tuesday/Wednesday but when we arrived home from a Jubilee gathering a short while ago, we heard tiny cheeps and a quick candling revealed that one has broken through into the air sack.  This is an indication that it will probably hatch within the next 24-48 hours.  Eggciting stuff!!!


Amanda said...

i love the textile picture, its gorgeous, :)

(I thought I d commented on this, I tend to use my phone for blog reading atm and not sure how to comment with it so often i miss things!)

Claire said...

It's ground to a bit of a standstill the last few days. I've been uptight about test results (which were thankfully fine!) and fell into default 'do it without thinking' mode which currently is crocheting african flowers :-)