Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Days

 Oh, where do the days go?

I'm pleased to say we've been busy pottering in pretty gardens...

..making pizzas...hmmmmm  yummmmm.....

..and feeling the luuuurve.

I've become the proud owner of this delightful little sheep, hand felted by a lady I know in person, which somehow makes it even more special.  It was a gift from nana; a special gift which i will need to think of carefully before placing her anywhere.  She's not a toy, she wouldn't stand up to rough handling, yet she's so tactile.

Lazy mooches through woodlands scattered with sheep.

Spotting glittery snail trails.  Oh, that's not all I spotted that afternoon either!  I saw a badger, a real, live badger, scuttling along in the tall grass.  I'd never seen a live badger before.

The babies have become ever so rascally...

...and big!  Here's Duchess at eight days old, next to a sizeable duck egg.  Quite remarkable.

Yes, I am talking about you Duchess!

I found a spot for the organza brooch I made.  I've revamped another lightshade.  I'm loving it on here.  It's ever so pretty when the light is both on and off.

Time to round up dirty children from the garden and usher them into the bath.  xx

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