Friday, 8 June 2012

Lampshade Makeover

Earlier in the week when I was waiting by the phone for hospital test results, (which thankfully were fine), I fixated upon the frivolous.  It's a common coping strategy round  here!

I decided that I could no longer live with such a naff and uninspiring lampshade on the upstairs landing dresser.  It was plastic-like and although we live in a  smoke free home, it looked like it had spent a good ten years living alongside someone who smoked thirty woodbines a day!  It wasn't cream and it wasn't beige; it was just downright awful.

Anyway, here it is now, having been wrapped in some mulberry paper with glittered butterflies which I picked up in the Paperchase sale, knowing it would come in very useful one day.  I cut it to size and attached it with watered down PVA glue - no posh modge podge stuff here.

It's not perfect and wouldn't stand up to close scrutiny, but it's bright and cheery.  If crafting had to be perfect and precise I'd never craft.

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