Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Organza brooches, textile clouds and stuff

 We went to our Arts Award textile session this morning.  I find the time there really relaxing and rather indulgent; oh the joys of getting crafty during the day when the text books and vacuum cleaner could be calling.

As well as progressing our textile landscapes we also experimented with organza and a heat gun.

This is a collection of colors and textures that I think will sit ever so nicely on my upstairs landing dresser.  Somewhere pretty for my lampshade butterflies to look out on!

This is a brooch; or 'could' be a brooch.  The truth is it's probably not very 'me' in terms of jewelry but I just know I'll spot somewhere within the house where it would look lovely.  It has a brooch clip at the back so I could attach it to a curtain, blind or the likes.

Pretty, sweetpea inspired colours.

Do you like the clouds I added to my landscape today? I made them from a jay cloth and cotton wool.  I wound them round a cocktail stick, smothered with pva glue and left them to dry.  Easy peasy!

Miles is romping along with his history read aloud with Nana.  They're up to the third volume in Story of the World and his knowledge of history is certainly now more wide ranging than mine.


Amanda said...

your arts award sounds so much better then the one my older two started!! The broches (sp) would look lovley on tie backs maybe?

Claire said...

We've arranged ours ourselves as opposed to tagging onto a group one, so as we could do something we wanted to do.

Annabel Smith said...

Hi love reading your blog. I am a bit of an art fan too. Love making things to save money like you. Have just finished my first ever clippy mat. Have you ever made one? I'm so chuffed. Look forward to your next blog


Claire said...

I'm pleased you enjoy my blog :-)

Clippy mats are on my 'to do' list. Do you have a blog with pictures? I'd love to see your mat.

Annabel Smith said...

Hi again. Here's my new blog about clippy mats.