Monday, 4 June 2012

New arrivals

 The first hatchling arrived shortly before breakfast; the second not long before lunch.

They stayed in the incubator for a few hours till their downy feathers dried out.

It's incredible to think that they came out of an egg just hours ago; they seem so big in comparison to the eggs now.

They're different to hen chicks.  They take time to find their feet and were much more sleepy for the first couple of hours.  They're much louder and imagine that's something that will only get worse!  Here's hoping we have mild weather so they can migrate from the kitchen to the garden soon.

After the initial couple of hours they were more alert than any other hatchlings we've had.  This one was determined to try to peck the button off the cushion!

Awww, they have the makings of Easter card models!

The other girls seemed to sense there was something going on today.  Perhaps they heard the tiny cheeps?

The biggest difference we've noticed is how cuddly they are and how they seem to really want to be picked up and close to skin.  This one was determined to snuggle into Hermione's neck and go to sleep.

One more egg in the incubator.  Keeping everything crossed and hoping we can score a hat trick!


Hayley said...

They are absolutely beautiful and so alert, taking everything in!

Fay Gibson said...

OMG I am in love. How gorgeous? You lucky thing!!

Claire said...

The two fluffy duckies have settled down to sleep now and there are little taps coming from the egg in the incubator. I hope he makes it..

yvonne said...

They are gorgeous and so fluffy. Hard to believe that they fit in an egg

Anonymous said...

Amazing!! Were thinking about getting ducks soon.

Amanda. xx

Claire said...

Go for it Amanda! Ducks are great :-) They can be quite messy and they're less likely than hens to lay in winter, but they're such characters. They have fewer health issues than hens too. xx