Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Autumn already?

Part of my Sunday evening routine is to sort the eggs that Craig takes to work to sell to colleagues.  I noted this week that there were fewer eggs but many of them were much larger.  It struck me as odd, but not entirely strange as the ducks in particular often lay HUGE eggs.

Having sorted the weekend eggs I decided to cut some lavender for drying and a rose to go in a jug on the hall table.  That's another part of my Sunday evening routine - attending mess hotspots (yes, I once was  FlyLady follower!).  I like to start the week with a wee bit of order and a pretty flower.  If it all goes pear shaped after that then so be it, but at least the lack of mess and pretty flower helps boost me through the Monday morning blues!

Looking at the lavender and rose I set thinking about how nice it would be to have flowery flavours in our food right now.  I didn't want to use our flowers as they are all either too close to traffic or ducks bottoms for my liking!  Thankfully I've managed to source some food grade flowers and now have a little tub of both lavender and rose buds.  I plan on making a lavender syrup to add to baking and lemonade some time this week.  I'll report back...

Last summer the children went boating and I was delighted to find the same organisation are offering the same service this summer too.  What fun they had!

It was  a beautiful day and there were lots fluffy grey cygnets on the lake.

Once they were out in the  middle of the lake they all stood up and sang Heads Shoulder Knees and Toes, with actions, to help to learn to balance on a boat.  That was  bit hair raising for an onlooking mother but thankfully there were no men overboard!

 Ah, perhaps this could be the cause of slightly fewer (but larger) eggs - a garden littered with feathers?  Could it be that the hens and ducks think autumn has arrived and it's time to molt?

Look closely and it's not just feathers - there are lots of fallen golden leaves too.

This lovely lady looks entirely crest fallen with her bald patches, bless.

So, perhaps I've not imagined a nip in the air some recent evenings?  Could it be that it's time to finish burning candles scented with rose, and get out some slightly spiced forest floor type smellies?  Yes, the days may still (sometimes) be warm, but the leaves, feathers and night time nips foretell the changing season.


Sarah said...

How long until you mention the "C" word? ;)

Claire said...

Crunchy? Cake? Cat? Camping? ;-) Not yet! Certainly not yet! Having said that, I know I've read a post from you somewhere or other, about starting to plan 'C' gift crocheting :-)

Amanda said...

Yes I've noticed that its feels cooler, infact recently we have had a few 'autumnish' days and evenings, I feel cheated out of summer this year ! :/

Claire said...

Yes, it's getting dark a lot earlier too