Saturday, 25 August 2012

Introducing Wendy

 I've been so busy planning, crafting and painting for Wendy, that it's taken me till now to get around to introducing her!  Meet Wendy, my wendy house on wheels!

Acknowledging that our days of camp fire type holidays are far from over, but accepting that nights under canvas have very limited appeal once you reach a certain age, we have invested in an ever so old and rather monstrous camper van.  It's of the huge, boxy, American style - it's probably fair to say Wendy is an RV as opposed to a camper.

Anyway, without any further ado, here's the delightful bathroom vanity station, which arrived complete with bar of Fairy Soap and the remains of lots of arachnids.

This is the view from the driving area.  Hermione is standing in front of the bathroom door, the wardrobe door is to her right and the entrance is back there to the side too.

This is the view from the back.  The big captain chairs in the driving area swivel round to form part of the lounge when not driving.

View of the kitchen and lounge area.  The bed above the drivers area fits a full size double mattress with room to spare.  The side facing seat on the left folds down into a double, as does the rear dining area.

Here's an (upside down) close up of the beastly blinds.  They couldn't stay - I'm sure some were bio diverse!

Little dinky bath and shower.

We bought the van knowing that it was in need of some TLC - we just could never have imagined exactly how much!  Watch this space.  xx


Amanda said...

I think you will be having a lot of fun making things for your 'wendy house' :)

have you seen attic 24, lucy has a caravan and has made lots of lovely things for it.

Claire said...

Yes, I love Lucy's blog :-)