Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Granny Square Wrist Warmers

I'm not quite sure if it was the blazing sun and warm breeze that inspired the children to play peacefully in the garden most of last weekend, or if it was just that I didn't really notice them since I was beavering away, experimenting with crochet granny squares!

I sat in the sunshine and crochet eight granny squares.  I used four for each wrist warmer and essentially sewed them into a flat tube, leaving a small slit on one side for the thumb.

Miles presented me with feathers he collected from the garden, as I worked.

Voila, Hermione has some wrist warmers (as requested)!  She wanted little flowers on the front and I think they could have been sooooo cute, but she's not at the age of 'cute', so, black flowers it was, with metallic beads.

I think I may well make myself a pair complete with pink and lemon flowers!  I may even make them this weekend, in a further effort to avoid the 'back to proper work schedule' planning.


Amanda said...

love those :)

Claire said...

They were so easy - great project for youngsters and people just starting to crochet - or knit for that matter :-)