Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Summer Chores and Landscape Inspiration

The recent spell of warm and humid weather has prompted me to start dosing the hens with apple cider vinegar and garlic.  I add it to their drinking water and they seem to really like it.  In damp weather any issues with intestinal worms tend to be aggravated, and the heat increases the likelihood of poultry lice.

Thankfully all seem well;  no signs of lice or intestinal parasites.  It's still one of those things where prevention is better than cure I think!  I think the combination of the vinegar and garlic granules is as effective as any shop bought natural poultry product for intestinal parasites.

Also delighted to report that there have been no further red mite sightings.  I'm surprised as I've read so much about them being very difficult to get rid of.  My zealous blow torching obviously did the trick!

Ah, the joys!  Daddy cutting the lawn in a mask (a welding mask I think) to try to cut down on the resultant fits of sneezing.  He does suffer, I jut wish he would suffer in silence.

Growing salad leaves on the kitchen worktop.

Garden flowers in a beautiful charity shop find.  I do like pretty jugs; there's just something about them!

I was really surprised to learn this week, that there is a colony of seals living in reasonable driving distance from us.  We headed on off in search of them and were not disappointed.  I feared we wouldn't  find them but there were so many that we actually spotted them whilst driving along in the car.

The pictures which I took of them didn't turn out well, but you can see them here.

On the walk from the car to the nature hide we passed by fields of beautiful grasses and thistles.  I decided there and then that I would like to incorporate what I saw into my next textile landscape picture.  So, I took lots of photographs and I've posted them below as a record for me to reflect upon.

I think the grasses could pose quite a challenge.  I'm going to have to ponder on those for a while and possibly investigate different techniques, fabrics and embroidery stitches.  There's plenty of time as I suspect that will be an autumn project.  I also want to incorporate a dry stone wall into my next one too and must pay more attention when I next see one.

Ah, off to convince the children that the shape of someone's eyebrows is not at all indicative of whether or not they are a good dentist.  I've heard some excuses in my time but, 'I don't want to go for a check up because the dentist has eyebrows like the Lorax!' is a new one.

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