Saturday, 13 October 2012

De-stressing Door Knob Covers

 Do you like my knob cover?  I do.  I envisage various covers coming to knobs near me!

Yesterday Hermione was on a trip to Whitby with friends for an audience with Jacqueline Wilson.  She wasn't due back till late evening and I was beginning to get a little uptight, thinking of the twisting turning roads back across the moors.

It was then I noticed this fun and cheery post.  As I've said before, I struggle with patterns, but this one is easy peasy!

A few knob covers later I was feeling positively chilled.  It was then I thought that I had never mentioned here about a book I read a while ago; well actually I still am reading it as it's a 'dipping into' book as opposed to reading cover to cover sort.  It's called Crochet Saved My Life and I recommend it to you.  I suspect that much of the sentiment in the book could be applied equally to other handicrafts, but I think there is something so quick and 'put downable' with crochet that it does lend itself ever so well to short bursts of therapy crafting.

Pleased to say Hermione returned home safe and well, having thoroughly enjoyed her trip to Whitby and meeting Jacqueline Wilson in person.  She had a book signed with a personally dedicated message and it seems that rounded off what had already been a very nice day!

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