Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Walking by woods on an autumn day

 Fueled by hot chocolate and a cinnamon latte, we headed off into the woods.

The colours seem so delicate this year; or perhaps I've just forgotten how delicate they truly are!

A deep carpet of beech leaves, ripe for kicking and piling.

Boggy marsh areas - which thankfully Miles managed to steer clear of today.

A cosy den for story telling.  I love to sit in little cubby holes like this, but always regret it later when my legs feel itchy scritchy!  I told a story of a little leaf and I'll share it with you too one day soon.

When I bent over to look at this acorn cap the smell of the woodland floor was amazing.  I wished I could have bottled it and taken it home.

Jewel like dew drops - what a tongue twister!

Right, got to dash.  Pizza dough is rising in the hearth and rosy faced children have just trudged in from the garden to start chopping toppings.

Ta ta for now  x


Fay Gibson said...

What a perfect day. Your post has made me sigh a happy sigh. I hope there's more good weather this week. I'm inspired to plod about in the woods!

Claire said...

I can recommend it x