Friday, 5 October 2012

Museum of Childhood

We went to the National Trust Museum of Childhood and Sudbury Hall last month.  We had looked at it on the National Trust website before and the children really fancied the idea of being able to climb up a chimney, so, when we were passing through those parts we took a detour and checked it out.

The hall itself looked very grand from outside.  We didn't venture in there as there was so much to do in the museum and the grounds were beautiful.

The mock Victorian school room with a very stern Victorian teacher was very impressive.  Actually it was all a bit overwhelming for Miles who had to leave before they started dishing out dunces hats and caning bottoms!

Lots of old toys to try out.  I really enjoyed looking at the small picture cards that used to come in the tea boxes.

There were examples of letters written by children who had been evacuated, telling their parents all about the countryside.

Yes, these are my children descending the chimney!

The laundry was a big hit.

Phone home!

This has to be the strangest looking doll I have ever seen.

Beautiful woodland play areas.

Striking formal gardens.

Yes, you have every need to keep an eye on him!

Back to the wash house - I couldn't keep them away!

Another rather scary looking doll.  Miles liked this one a lot.

I'd really recommend calling by here if you're in the vicinity.


Anonymous said...

It's great isn't it? Didn't realise you'd been recently. We were there in July. They've been talking about it ever since. (Posting as anoymous because I don't have any of those profiles, but it's Meg)

Claire said...

Hi Meg! Yes, we loved it. I would certainly go back.