Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Prettifying, Playing, Protecting


We've been set back by an outbreak of lurgy round here but I'm still plodding on, aspiring to be a Total Mom.  I've blitzed the linen cupboard and got rid of all not so pretty bedding.  I actually found a sheet  in there which was a wedding present and since we celebrated our sixteenth (or was it seventeenth?) wedding anniversary this week, that's quite some going.

I bought some new linens and  have even made an air freshener from an old marmalade jar filled with bicarb, rose oil and lavender.

My linens are pretty and fresh for once - and the dogs at the local shelter will hopefully be enjoying my donation of elderly bedding and towels.

Blackberries, glistening.  One of my favorite autumn foods.

Having spent what felt like a small fortune on bed linen I was pleased to pick up these boots with real leather uppers in a charity shop for £7.  They're brand new, not worn.


We went to check out a new play area at the weekend and were very impressed.  It offered so much more than 'just' a play area.

Sheesh, to think I used to worry that this child had sensory issues with dirt.


Last night I was awoken by the very loud thumping and screaming of a bunny, followed by distressed quacks from the young ducks.  We were having our first ever fox raid.  Blimey, it was a whopper!   I couldn't believe the size of it.  Thankfully we got out in time and there were no casualties; I don't want to begin to think how distressing it would have been if we had lost any of our beasties.

Everyone is safely tucked up in their houses tonight.  The bunny who was particularly vulnerable in a house that could easily be dug into, is safe in our house.  Bless him, I went to look in on him earlier and he thumped at my approach he was so on edge.  The birds have laid very few eggs today also, they obviously know something is up.

I'm worried and am anxious to get the new metal housing which we recently bought for the ducks up as soon as possible.  Also thinking about ordering some pelleted lion poo which you can buy in the form a product called Silent Roar.  I never would have thought till today that such a product existed.

I've asked Craig to be sure to go out and have a widdle round the coops before he turns in for the night. Male urine is supposed to be a good deterrent.  Sadly I doubt he will, he's just too 'proper' in that respect.  I've been out and made my offering but I'm not sure it will work so well.  Hmmm, perhaps I should go and suggest he decant...

Also hopeful that Craig will be able to collect some hair from a barber friend tomorrow.  If so I'm going to put it in nylon tights and hang it round the coops to mark more human scent.

Oh deary me.  Here's hoping Mr Fox doesn't come back in a hurry. 


Hayley said...

Ah I recognise that play area, very nice! There was squelchy mud when we were there too.

Claire said...

I was spurred into action by your good review. I think it will spend a lot of time waterlogged - part of it seems like a natural bog!