Wednesday, 17 October 2012

What we're reading

 I'm currently reading this book which is the second in a fantasy type trilogy. I can't believe how I've not really come to discover this genre till now.  I'm really enjoying it.

This is the book I read before Trinity Rising.  I've wanted to read it for ages and actually have had it in paperback for ages but never quite managed it till it came out on kindle.  I have a dodgy right arm and holding up thick books for long periods is literally a pain!  Worth the wait though.  I plan to read his next one once I've finished Trinity Rising.

This book is on my 'I really would like to own but cannot justify buying' list.  I have the winter one in the series and it's beautiful, full of wonderful poetry.

I read this aloud to both of the children and Hermione has worked on a review of it with her English tutor.  It's very descriptive and in my view offers lots of opportunities for exploring the pros and cons of releasing caged animals into the wild.

Miles enjoyed the Journey to Freedom so much that we are now romping through the second book in the series.  Hermione isn't particularly enthusiastic about this one, complaining that it's dry in parts (I don't agree), but Miles loves it.  This book describes how they manage once released into the African grasslands.  I feel a bit of an Africa project coming on for me and Miles.

This book should be en route to me as I speak.  It came under the category of 'overwhelming urge to share all of my childhood favorite ladybird books with my own children'.  I'm very excited about it's arrival; I can already see the snow drifting down outside, the fire roaring up the chimney, mince pies and hot chocolates all round with the tale of The Wise Robin.  Oh, I do hope the children don't spoil it for me!

This is the first book in the series I'm currently reading.  Took me a wee while to get my head around it at first, but once I did I was smitten.

We've looked at this book and plan on looking at it again real soon, perhaps with roast turkey and pumpkin pie!  Oh, there's a pattern emerging here.  I must learn to not associate all things with food.

Happy reading  xx

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